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Therapy and Counselling in Edgware and UK

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My name is Adele Treger. I have been a practicing counsellor for over 30 years. In that time I have helped clients of all ages identify and process emotional and relationship issues. I will work closely with you in a safe, welcoming environment – either in person at my private practice based in Edgware or online or over the phone.

Together we will explore your difficulties, tackle the root of the problem and eventually empower you to not just cope, but overcome them and ultimately improve your daily life.

I specialise in providing counselling for Depression, Relationship Problems and for Stress and Anxiety, and with my experience I will help you recognise destructive patterns in your life and enable you to move past them to find happiness and balance.

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 I am available for a chat to determine if you feel comfortable working with me,  please feel free to reach out and contact me either by email or by phone.

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7 Easy Tips for Effective Communication – a Free eBook

My eBook, 7 Easy Tips for Effective Communication, provides a powerful practical guide to anyone struggling with their relationship – whether it is a friend, spouse, partner, or work colleague.

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My Counselling Services

Coping with Depression

If Depression is impacting your quality of life, then I can work with you to identify the root causes and help you to develop a personalised roadmap on how you can take steps towards feeling better, at a pace that suits you.

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Stress and Anxiety Counselling

Stress and Anxiety can be debilitating, and manifest in different ways. I can teach you to empower yourself and learn how to successfully manage Anxiety and Stress and prevent it from hijacking your life and stop you from feeling overwhelmed.

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Therapy and Counselling in Edgware and UK

Relationship Counselling

Together we can work through difficulties in your relationship with a loved one, a co-worker or a friend. By having an open, strictly confidential discussion in a safe and welcoming environment, you will learn to identify your destructive emotional patterns.

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Therapy and Counselling in Edgware and UK

Therapy for Teenagers

Over the last three decades, I have helped teenagers navigate the many issues that can arise during adolescence. From school work, to social anxieties and relationships, I provide a safe environment to openly discuss your troubles with no judgement.

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Therapy for Young Adults

Leaving home, choosing a career and starting new relationships are massive steps all young adults take. At a time of great transition, it can be extremely beneficial to be able to comfortably explore your feelings with an experienced professional.

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The Process

I offer my Therapy and Counselling sessions from my private practice in Edgware, but you can choose to book an online session if you would prefer. If you are interested in my services then we can arrange a free, non-committal 10 or 15-minute chat to determine if you would like to arrange further sessions.

If you decide to work with me, then I will book you in for you first hour-long session at a suitable and mutually agreeable time.

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I provide a calm environment for anyone seeking Counselling. I am approachable and experienced, and of course, everything discussed whether online or in person is confidential. Arrange to speak to me by either emailing me or giving me a call.