Adolescence can be the hardest time in a young person’s life. Not only do teens have to move from being dependent on their parents to being independent; they are also dealing with wildly fluctuating hormone levels.

As a teenager, peer groups begin to play a much more important role – often even more important than parents. This is a normal and necessary part of development and helps teenagers to start relying more on themselves and on friends – an invaluable strength ahead of moving away from home.

No surprise, then, that this time of life can also be particularly difficult for parents to negotiate! It is not easy to watch your children make potentially harmful decisions. In such instances, therapy can be immensely useful, allowing your teenager to speak with a professional Psychologist and Counsellor who can listen with an impartial ear and support them with their difficulties.

By undertaking Counselling, you will learn how to listen to your teen, and your relationship with them can improve dramatically.



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I provide a calm environment for anyone seeking Counselling. I am approachable and experienced, and of course, everything discussed whether online or in person is confidential. 

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