If your relationship with a  family member, a friend or a colleague suffers, it can impact every aspect of your life, making you unable to focus properly – at home, at work, and even when out with friends. You may be questioning yourself or your relationship. It is hard to make sense of things on your own, no matter how many friends or family members you speak with.

At times like this, the best thing is having someone impartial to talk to – a professional in Relationship counselling with whom you can offload trapped feelings and start to think about your relationship troubles in a helpful and constructive manner.

In this sense, Relationship counselling is the first step towards changing how you are feeling. I can help you you can learn how to communicate more meaningfully, as well as how to listen to yourself and to those around you. Sharing how you feel in a welcoming professional environment is an invaluable investment; it shows that you love yourself and care about improving your relationships with others.



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I provide a calm environment for anyone seeking Counselling. I am approachable and experienced, and of course, everything discussed whether online or in person is confidential. 

Arrange to speak to me by either emailing me or giving me a call.