Mediation is a term which has become synonymous with divorce and work dispute resolution.  However, the process of mediation can often fall very short of the mark, letting down either one or both parties who are in dispute.  Often in divorce situations, mediation can be used to help warring couples resolve financial disputes, and indeed, most commonly, custody issues.  Mediation is usually quite a superficial process in these instances.  It is very expensive and often mediatiors are trained to just focus on problem solving. 

The concept of Therapeutic Mediation has evolved from this more superficial approach.  It recognises that often both parties in a conflict situation may need alot more help than has been on offer previously. 

It is with this in mind, that Therapeutic Mediation can offer the following:  

  • In depth therapeutic sessions with each party, which focus on identifying problem areas
  • Therapeutic sessions with each party, to help acknowledge difficult feelings
  • Group Therapeutic work with both parties to resolve feelings and issues
  • Improved Communication Skills for both parties to resolve future problems which may arise

Teenagers are a vulnerable group who can really benefit from the experience of Therapeutic Mediation.  Parents are often engaged in running battles with teenagers, as these young adults struggle to develop their identities and to cope with the pressures around them.