Suffering from Stress and/or Anxiety can be debilitating. A little bit of Stress and Anxiety is normal – we wouldn’t be able to be motivated or plan things properly without it! However, for many people, Stress and Anxiety can take over their lives, causing physical and emotional illness.

Stress and Anxiety can manifest physically. You may experience symptoms like chronic headaches, migraine, muscle pain, nausea, and a continuous feeling of ‘butterflies’ in the stomach.

Stress and anxiety can inhibit your ability to think clearly and negatively impact on your performance, causing you to burn out and feel like things will never change for the better.

If you experience these feelings, you may feel incredibly alone and misunderstood. Others often cannot grasp what you are going through – even friends and family – and will tell you to just ‘snap out of it’, which always makes people feel worse.

In times like this, Counselling can be extremely helpful. Sharing your worries with a caring and supportive listener in a welcoming environment can help you understand the causes behind your stress. Working through these feelings with a professional gives you the best possible platform from which to empower yourself again.



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I provide a calm environment for anyone seeking Counselling. I am approachable and experienced, and of course, everything discussed whether online or in person is confidential. 

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