In times of transition your life is in flux, and for Young Adults (people in their late teens and twenties), the sudden upheaval of living away from home, socialising and forming new relationships and beginning a career can have a dramatic impact on their emotional well-being.

The weight of juggling a home and work life balance, money worries and social anxiety can feel overwhelming and lead to a destructive lifestyle that can potentially spiral, making you feel stuck in limbo.

With all this going on, you can feel overwhelmed and depressed, which is why it can be extremely beneficial to talk your feelings through with a professional Psychologist and Counsellor who can help to lift your emotional and mental burden.

Over the years, I have worked with countless young adults from the UK and worldwide, empowering them to feel more confident and calmer as they navigate daily life.



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I provide a calm environment for anyone seeking Counselling. I am approachable and experienced, and of course, everything discussed whether online or in person is confidential. 

Arrange to speak to me by either emailing me or giving me a call.