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  • Adele Treger saved our marriage.  My wife and I have been married for over 15 years and our relationship had deteriorated.  We fought continuously and I felt lonely and started contemplating having an affair.  As a last resort, before the relationship ended, we decided to try Couples Counselling and we went to see Adele.  She taught us how to talk to each other again, and we have managed to repair most of the damage in our marriage.  Adele was amazing! Anyone with a relationship problem should try counselling with her before they give up on things. 


  • I used to cry when I was alone at home.  It felt like I was always being a bad mother.  Whatever I did felt wrong.  My children were behaving badly at school and at home, and I could not understand what was wrong.  I went to see Adele and she helped me take control.  I discovered that one of my children had ADHD and she is now on medication and doing really well. I am listening to my daughters more now and more importantly, I am looking after myself.  If you need help with parenting, Adele is the person to see. 


  • My life felt meaningless.  Things were getting on top of me and I felt numb inside.  One of my friends gave me Adele Treger’s phone number, and I called her.  That call saved my life.  She helped me understand my feelings and I started to feel human again.  I had not realised how depressed I was.  Through counselling my life has improved. Counselling is a definite must for anyone who is depressed!  Call Adele. 


  • My parents never understood me.  I felt lonely and angry, because they were always blaming me for everything.  I couldn’t get anything right.  My mom took me to see Adele.  It was hard at first to trust someone and to open up, but she made me feel so comfortable and safe.  She understood me.  Then she helped me to talk to my parents.  They started to understand why I was feeling so angry and Adele helped them to deal with my anger.  Things are much better at home now! 


    My teenage son was always rude to me.  It was so embarrassing! He used to swear at me, and sometimes I even felt scared of him.  My other children were stressed by his bad behaviour and I felt angry and upset all the time.  I went to see Adele, and she helped me to take control of the situation.  We saw her as a family, and I discovered what made my teenage son behave so badly.  We started talking again and now we have a really good relationship.  Thank goodness a friend recommended Adele to me.  She saved our family. 


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