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Becoming a parent can be one of the most rewarding and also one of the most difficult times you will ever face.  one of the hardest things to deal with is the constantly changing demands which children will make from you as they grow.

It is often hard to know the right or wrong way to parent, and no matter how many friends you speak to, there seem to be no correct answers for you. Society also puts a lot of pressure on parents to ‘get it right’, as do immediate and extended family.

It is often difficult to see the wood from the trees, especially when you are exhausted emotionally or physically from other stresses in your life. You need help to deal with your stress first.  Then you will be able to start ‘listening’ to your child’s problems.  It is at times like this, when you are struggling with your child and nothing you do seems to be helping - that counselling can be very useful.

  • It is harder now than ever to be a good parent
  • All parents need help & support when relationships with their children get tough
  • When parents struggle to cope, children can be adversely affected
  • By improving your parenting skills, you will empower yourself and Benefit your Children

Counselling offers a caring and supportive space where you can go to offload your problems and be helped to find new and useful solutions to them.  When you start to feel more supported, you will be able to focus on your child in a much more effective way.  

You will also be able to help them deal with their problems in a more empathic and supportive way.  discover how to improve your parenting skills and watch your children blossom.

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