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When a relationship is in difficulty, be it one with a spouse, partner, friend, or colleague, it affects every aspect of your life.

It is hard not to think about your difficulties all the time and you may find it difficult to focus properly at home, at work or even when out with friends.

It is at times like this that you need someone impartial to talk to, someone on whom you can offload and someone who will help you to think about your relationship troubles in an helpful and constructive way.  

You may be questioning yourself or your relationship.  Is this the right marriage, friendship, or partnership for you?  It is hard to make sense of things on your own and no matter how many friends or family members you ask, you may still feel that no one really understands what you are going through. 

  • Everyone struggles with relationship issues from time to time
  • When you feel unsupported and you worry constantly, it is bad for your physical and mental health
  • Understanding your relationship difficulties helps you learn more about yourself and reduces stress
  • Learning more about yourself through counselling helps to empower you and your relationships

When you decide that the time has come to do something about how you are feeling, counselling can help.  you can learn about why you are experiencing these relationship difficulties, and how to deal with them in the best possible way for you.  

You will learn how to communicate better and how to listen to yourself and those around you.  it is an investment in yourself you cannot afford not to make.

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