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Being a teenager can be one of the toughest times in a young person’s life. it is a confusing time between being a child and an adult and society’s expectations of teenagers is equally confusing.

Not only do teens have to move from being dependent on their parents to becoming moreindependent, but they are also dealing with wildly fluctuating hormone levels.

As a child, they were expected to do as they were told and had to or wanted to consult with their parents about most things, however as teens, their peer group begins to play a much more important role in their lives… Sometimes even more important than their parents. 

  • Teenagers today face enormous social and relationship pressures
  • They need an open and safe environment to express their feeling
  • As they talk through their feelings, they will start to feel more empowered
  • As they feel more empowered, they will build the emotional strength necessary to withstand stress and actualize their potential

This is a normal and necessary part of development and helps teenagers to start relying more on themselves and on friends, rather than just on family…an invaluable strength when you are about to leave home and go to university or enter into a working environment.  

It is not surprising, therefore, that this can be a very tumultuous time for teenagers, as they struggle to find and assert their identity.  This time of life can also be particularly difficult for parents to negotiate!

They have been entrusted with the care of every aspect of their child’s life until now, and are often faced with a teen who now wants to make decisions for themselves, decisions with which parents may not always agree.  

It is not easy watching your children make decisions which may ultimately harm them.  It is just in situations as these that counselling can be immensely useful.  Allowing your teenager to talk to someone who can listen with an impartial ear to their concerns and support them in their time of difficulty, is the best gift you could ever give them.

By working together as a team with the counsellor and learning to listen to your teen, your relationship with them can improve dramatically.

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