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Therapeutic Mediation will help solve conflict between teenagers and parents!

In this day of complicated home relationships, divorce and separation, teenagersare being exposed to a wide range of challenging addictive substances and peer pressure. As a result, it is often the relationship with parents which suffers the most.  Both parents and teenagers may find that communication breaks down between them, and that conflict or silent avoidant behaviour then ensues. 

Adolescence is one of the most difficult times for parents to manage.  Their child is growing up in front of their eyes, becoming more independent and wanting more and more autonomy.  This is difficult when parents have spent their childs whole life protecting and supporting them. 

This is also a difficult time for adolescents.  They are under alot of pressure at school to perform and achieve.  They are under pressure to conform to peer values.  They are undergoing hormonal changes which can affect mood and behaviour.  They may feel that their parents no longer understand and support them.  They may feel that there is no one to help guide them through this crucial time in their lives.  It is at times like this that Therapeutic Mediation can really help!


  • Adolescence can be a difficult time for parents and teenagers
  • Divorce and Separation puts additional pressure on teenagers
  • Peer pressure and Academic expectations can be overwhelming
  • Parents and Teenagers may need someone to facilitate their relationship
  • Therapeutic Mediation is a structured course which improves parent/teen communication

If your family is struggling with issues relating to divorce, addiction, depression, anxiety, conflict, or any other difficulty, then Therapeutic Mediation can help you!

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