Re-create that Feeling of Falling in Love again

Being in a Loving Relationship is quiet simply the best thing in the world. If your Marriage is in trouble, it is easier to put right than you think...

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Marriage can be one of the most enhancing or destructive relationships in a person’s life. 

Society focuses on the romance of finding the perfect partner and having the fairytale wedding.  In reality, however, it can be hard to find a partner who seems to tick all you boxes, and indeed it is only after the wedding that the true work of marriage begins.
Marriage tests each of us to the maximum.  We are forced to live in close proximity with someone who we may find we do not know as well as we thought.  As time passes, we may discover that they irritate or annoy us, or even disappoint us in ways we were not expecting.  However, we are still required to respect them, care about them and compromise when we may not want to.
  • The true work of marriage starts after the wedding
  • You may find that, over time, you don’t really know, understand or even really like your spouse
  • Communication is the key to healing a troubled marriage
  • Marriage Counselling can help facilitate better relationships in a caring and safe environment
Communication is the true key to a good marriage.  Often both partners will struggle to be able to listen to each other and to communicate their feelings effectively.  This can lead to endless misunderstanding and fights.  Adding financial and work strain, children and extended family to the mix, can really add fuel to the fire.  Husband and wife may find each other in a downward spiral which can lead to loneliness, infidelity and ultimately divorce.

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