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Adele Treger is a Senior Accredited Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. She is also an Associate Memeber of the Royal Society of Medicine and a Graduate member of the BPS.  She is a Psychodynamic Counsellor who has been in private practice for over 25 years.

Adele has had extensive experience in the areas of Teen Issues, Parenting Problems, Relationship Issues and Family Difficulties and has worked internationally for many years.  She has helped countless individuals and families improve their lives.  After working in South Africa in private practice for 10 years, Adele immigrated to the United Kingdom and soon established a thriving private practice in North West London. 

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·         Marriage Counselling
·         Post Traumatic Stress Counselling
·         Relationship Problems
·         Depression  
·         Anxiety
·         Adolescence
·         Sexual Problems
·         Parenting Issues
·         Family Therapy
·         Stress and Anxiety
·         Work Related Issue
Situated in a discreet residential area, Adele’s private practice offers a quiet and confidential environment in which to seek help, as well as a safe and understanding space for individuals and their families to explore and resolve their emotional distress.  

Available Workshops and Support Groups include:

·         Improve your Parenting Skills
·         How to cope with Divorce
·         How to build a successful marriage
·         How to improve communication with your partner
·         How to handle Stress and Anxiety
·         Parenting Support Group
·         Divorce Support Group

Contact Adele at for a full calendar of the latest available Workshops and Support Groups. Adele has also published an ebook addressing the challenges of how to establish better communication patterns within personal and familial relationships. Her invaluable e tips are appreciated by readers worldwide and provide quick and easy insights into how to improve relationships.
Qualifications/Professional bodies
Honours in Clinical Psychology, BA Hons (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)
Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society, MBPsS
Accredited Senior Counsellor, BACP
Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine
Certified EMDR Practitioner
Lifeline Counsellor, South Africa
Facilitator for Lifeline Youth, South Africa
Member of BACP
Member of UKRC
Member of AIP

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